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IACFB for Factors

Use IACFB's Sponsored Agents Program to...

Build Powerful Broker Networks

For industry factors, lenders and their BDOs, Campus IACFB is the destination of first choice to network and build relationships with well-trained independent industry professionals.  Lenders can utilize both our online magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants to introduce themselves and their companies to Campus members and visitors, post interesting articles on our blogs, and set forth preferences and deal buying parameters, and highlight promotional events such as contests and incentives.

Using IACFB’s popular Sponsored Agents Program, factors can use IACFB e-learning online training to develop productive, lead-generation referral networks designed to keep your BDOs busy with an endless stream of qualified leads for factoring services and other financial products.

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Become an IACFB Community Factor / Lender

Membership Benefits for Factors and Lenders

Attract New Brokers

Post Articles on the Magazine

Expand your network of well-trained brokers and increase leads and referrals by posting and authoring articles of interest to brokers and referrers on Commercial Finance Consultant magazine and the IACFB blog
Build Broker Networks

Showcase Your Company

Use IACFB Magazine's "In the Spotlight" column to increase company awareness by showcasing your company's buying / financing parameters with published backlinks to your company website or to your IACFB Company Profile.
Promote Your Sales Contests

Factor's Agent Program Instructions

No time to create your own broker training and support portal? Use IACFB's Factoring 101 training platform to create your own lead-generating Agents Program and support powerful and expansive networks of partners and referrers complete with custom, lead-generating landing pages.
Promote Sales Contests

Generating Leads with SQl Contests

One of the quickest methods of building a referral partner network is by employing sales contests and for factors using IACFB's Factoring 101 platform for Sponsored Agent training, that means SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) contests. Find out more.