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Free Website

Free Business Website

Offer a FREE Business Website

One of the benefits of the IACFB / DataMax relationship is clearly web services and one type of creative incentive you can offer “newer” businesses and startup companies is the offer of a business website. 

When you network with SCORE and SBDCs as well as your local Chamber of Commerce, you will meet and greet many new business owners and those in their startup phase.  Many of these young companies may have already reserved a domain but will not yet have a business website set up.  If they are the type of business that will be operating on a B2B basis where factoring can provide cash flow solutions as they bring in new customers requiring liberal payment terms on invoices, offer them a FREE website just for completing an application for factoring.

Campaign Goal

The primary goal of this campaign is to get the business owner to fill out an application.  In this case, it is simply to complete a company profile and develop a quality lead.  The profile is then sent to a factor that accepts new, small businesses who provides a Terms and Conditions proposal.  Even if prospect feels there is no current need, you have a solid prospect for the future and have built a relationship. 


Any prospects taking advantage of this unique offer must be handles through IACFB as a co-broker transaction with the referring broker receiving a 10% commission and IACFB receiving any override above 10%.

Recruiting Agents

If you are attempting to enlist agents and are building a sub-broker network, offering a FREE landing page to entice sub-brokers to “come on board” is a great recruiting tool and you can find out more in the Build Sub-Broker Networks lessons in the Productivity Training lessons area.

Free WebsiteOffer a FREE Business Website

Not only is this an out-of-the-box marketing campaign but it is also an absolutely FREE campaign from the brokers prospective and it can work for a host of business types including among others…

  • Landscaping companies
  • Janitorial Services
  • Guard / Security Services
  • Catering Companies
  • Window Cleaners

The “Offer”

This campaign is built around an offer of a FREE business website simply for completing an application (Company Profile) and requesting a “Terms and Conditions” proposal from a factor.  The prospect is NOT required to accept the proposal and actually begin factoring. The prospect only needs to apply.

Where to Find Prospects

This is a unique prospecting challenge since you are looking for companies that do not already have a website so you will be looking for opportunities where new businesses owners are attending.  Doing searches on the web will not produce results since virtually everyone you find on the web already has an operating website. Chamber of Commerce after hours meetings and events can be productive but also look for “incubator” opportunities though SCORE and your local SBDC.  

Placing classified ads in publications such as Craig’s List in the services section may also be productive since many small, under-the-radar B2B service operators can be found in such publications.

Associated Costs for the Prospect

To provide the website without cost, the prospect must be in a business where “templating” makes some sense of in other words, not in such an unusual business that the site template will have no value to others.  Additionally, the prospect will be required to purchase a website hosting and a domain which can be done through DataMax at $14.95 per month for hosting and $14.99 per year for a domain.