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Welcome to IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  Here, at your request, we will register you as a “Registered Guest” at IACFB will provide you information l so you can begin accessing introductory content provided at the facility.  Registered Guests at the association are provided with…

  • Introductory information for those exploring the home-based business of becoming an “agent“, broker, or consultant” in the exciting (and highly profitable) alternative commercial finance industry
  • How to get started in the industry, the benefits / income, and what’s available to you through IACFB
  • Finding more available to you at IACFB for Registered Guests at our magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants .com

Additionally, we highly recommend new guests take the time to join the IACFB Linked Group where you can ask questions and build relationships with industry financing provider as well as industry agents, brokers, and consultants.  


Expanding an existing business

Sponsored IACFB or
Professional CFC Agent

The perfect low cost way for cash flow brokers, note brokers, bookkeepers, bloggers, tax preparers, and other professionals to be introduced to the lucrative factoring and alternative commercial finance industry.  Basic training from IACFB as you “team up” and partner with career industry professionals. 

Building a part-time or full-time home business

Industry Factoring Broker
Full Time / Part Time

Train through Campus IACFB to become a career industry commercial factoring broker.  Develop your business as a highly-regarded industry factoring broker and work with business owners in need of non-bank alternative types of asset-based finance and factoring.  An incredible under-the-radar home business that anyone can learn and develop successfully.

Developing a career finance business

Professional Commercial
Finance Consultant (CFC)

The ultimate as an IACFB industry consultant, these highly regarded (and highly trained) individuals not only earn our lucrative residual commission income in factoring, but also earn “points” as the broker of record in special finance transactions such as export finance, purchase finance, merchant cash, leasing, and additional consumer transactions such as discount mortgage note, business notes, inheritance advances, structured settlement, pre-legal settlements, and more.  The special websites for such consultants also provide the basis for earning exceptions income from recommended affiliate associations.