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How to Earn Extra Retirement Income as a Factoring Broker

Supplemental Retirement Income as a Factoring Broker

Are you a senior retiree looking for that perfect home business to supplement your retirement income? If so, the factoring industry and the exciting business of commercial finance consulting might be the perfect fit for you.

According to AARP, workers age 65 and over are now the largest segment of the labor force with many continuing to work years after their traditional retirement age. With many retirees having some physical limitations regarding how they work, operating a home-based business of some kind has become one of the most popular options for those that simply don’t want to completely retire. Additionally, many seniors have years and years of valuable experience to share and such experience makes a home-based consulting business, such as business consulting, the perfect choice. Older entrepreneurs often have all the skills necessary to succeed but may need to learn how to use them in a different way. Consider this…

Senior Factoring Broker
  • Consulting, as a factoring broker, means YOU are the boss. You are completely in charge of the hours you invest in work each week.
  • Factoring brokers can be travelers. With a laptop computer, factoring brokers can literally operate from anywhere. And, since factoring is an international resource for business finance, those that enjoy traveling can source new clients from any corner of the world.
  • Commercial Finance Consulting is a highly respected profession both domestically and throughout the world. Those you meet will typically exhibit an immediate interest in what you do making prospecting for new clients more fun than work.
  • Commissions paid monthly to productive independent factoring consultants are residual and for the life of the account. Such a unique and lucrative commission system makes the business of factoring broker perfect for those living on a fixed income and needing a method of supplementing their monthly checks.
  • Even though you may not have specific experience in business finance, it is very easy to acquire that experience through Campus IACFB low cost comprehensive training. Additionally, your “life experience” will make operating your consulting business, networking with others, and general business development very easy and stress free and this is especially true for “active” seniors.

What You Will Need to Get Started

One of the most attractive characteristics of commercial finance consulting as a business opportunity is that virtually all consultants operate from the convenience of their home and generally, startup costs are minimal. To operate on a minimal basis, you will simply need…

  • a laptop or desktop computer. Laptops are much preferred for active, on-the-go seniors who love to travel. you can operate your factoring consultant business from anywhere in the world with decent internet access.
  • networking opportunities. Being active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Developing business through the use of social media is perfect for those with extra time on their hands.
  • a website or a blog. Operating a WordPress business blog has become a particularly popular option for seniors since they can showcase and share they travels and many non-business interests with those they meet using informative posts on an easy to run blog platform through WordPress.
  • training and all the training necessary to enter the industry successfully is available through Campus IACFB.

Low, Low Startup Costs

For retirees on a budget, launching a home business as a factoring broker / consultant is truly one of the most affordable professional business opportunities available. In fact, for those already owning a computer, becoming competently operational as a commercial finance broker costs under $100 including Factoring 101 training, website setup, and website domain. Additionally, IACFB membership includes web hosting, business email, and web support.


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