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How to Login

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How to Login to Campus IACFB

Unauthorized access to our training Campus is protected by a relatively simple system which involves NAVIGATION BAR (MENU) display options. Access links to the Campus Training Portal through the NAVIGATION MENU are NOT visible until a member logs in successfully. Once successfully logged in, the new "CAMPUS TRAINING" tab is visible in the NAVIGATION MENU for Campus access and can be selected. YOU MUST BE AN IACFB MEMBER FOR CAMPUS ACCESS
Members only access


The Campus IACFB website does not display the “Training Campus” menu link to visitors that are not logged in.  You must be an IACFB Member AN D be logged in for the link to display.

Members only access


To login for Campus training, click the Login tab in the Main Navigation Bar on any page to display the IACFB Bulletin Board.  With the Bulletin Board displayed, log in using your USERNAME and PASSWORD provided to you by IACFB staff.  When you have successfully logged in, you can also update your USER PROFILE on the Bulletin Boards

Members only access


After you have logged into the Campus, the Main Training Menu and Sub-Menus will display and you may click the appropriate link to enter Campus training.