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Login and Registration

Once you have received your USERNAME and PASSWORD, you will be able to login to the Campus and access your permitted areas.  Registered Guests at Campus IACFB are granted 30 access to various introductory areas of the factoring broker training platform including Learning Lab training articles as well as “Member Only” articles that are located in the Campus Magazine at Commercial Finance   If you have received your Campus credentials via email already, log in now by clicking the button below.

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Registered Guest Access

Setting up “Registered Guest Access” here at Campus IACFB is very easy and to do so, simply click on the “Click to Register Now” button and complete the form including setting your 5 digit pin number.  Registering as a guest provides you access to our introductory Learning Lab articles as well as member only articles at the Campus Magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants.  Once your registration is process, you will have..

  • Access to introductory and Learning Lab articles in the Campus
  • a 24 hour “Hall Pass” to Factoring 101 classes and lessons at Campus
  • article access a Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine

Once your registration has been process, your PASSWORD at IACFB will be  [Your Last Name Capitalized] [#] [Pin Number].  For example, Smith#00000

Your registration and free look (Hall Pass) at the Campus expires after 24 hours at which time you have the option to enter one of our factoring broker training / support programs and begin to enjoy all of the comprehensive broker training found here at Campus IACFB.  Click the button below to REGISTER NOW!

Accounting Professionals and...


Bookkeeper learning factoring at Campus IACFB

Learn how factoring can smooth out your business client’s cash flow problems due to slow paying invoices and also earn you an exceptional monthly referral income that provides earnings long after tax season is over.  Learn how at Campus IACFB.

Bank Employees and...

Loan Officers

Lending Officer recommending factoring to a client

Factoring is a powerful cash flow management tool that can assist loan officers when bank customers do not meet your bank’s stringent loan requirements and simultaneously earn you and your bank residual commission income.

Discount Mortgage Note and....

Cashflow Brokers

Cash Flow Note Broker studying factoring at IACFB training facility

Commissions earned as a mortgage note / cash flow broker can often be few and far between.  Add factoring and commercial finance to your consumer finance products to supercharge your cash flow business and begin building a solid monthly income you can depend on.