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You’re likely viewing this welcome page due to an email or ad you received from IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and the reason is simple.  With the current pandemic hopefully coming to a close, more and more small business owners will be seeking ready sources of workingEarn Residual Commissions capital to jump start their businesses.  And for the most part, banks simply will not be lending and the primary source of working capital for such small business owners will be the providers of Alternative Commercial Finance to include:

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring
  • Asset-Based Lending (Revolving Lines of Credit)
  • Purchase Order Finance
  • Merchant Cash and ACH Term Loans
  • Export Trade Finance (International Factoring)

And, simply put, small business America will need more trained and qualified brokers to provide those services.  IACFB is the primary (affordable) training facility in the United States for assisting in the development of “Freelance Commercial Finance Consultants” or as they are often termed, FACTORING BROKERS.

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  1. Click the GREEN BUTTON at right to DOWNLOAD your IACFB Factoring Consultant Training Guide now.  It’s about 216 pages in PDF format so load your printer accordingly.  
  2. If you intend to store it in a three-ring binder, you can download the 1 page cover here.

BONUS:  As a purchaser of our Factoring Guide of Freelance Brokers, we are also providing you with complimentary access to our expansive online e-learning training facility (Campus IACFB).  To do so, we must set up you permissions manually, so click the button below and complete the short form so we may do so.  It typically takes about 24 hours to receive your “permissions” and password to Campus IACFB.


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Questions & Answers

Over $40,000 from a single referral?

That’s correct…and it’s not unusual at all.

Because factoring commissions are paid to the referring broker on a “residual, life-of-account” basis, your monthly commission payments can last for years.  Often, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, and longer.  Want to see more?  Take a look at the very average case of Martha.

How Do I Submit a Prospect?

Prospects for financing are submitted directly to IACFB under out “Agents” program.  As an Agent, all you need to do is refer a prospect.  We do everything else including closing the deal.  You have absolutely no responsibility for contracts or other paper work.  Just network and spend time on social media as you always do.  

What About Marketing Materials

For those that want to get “more” involved in the lead-generation process, IACFB offers marketing support as a component to Campus training.  Included is our popular “Business-in-a-Box” which includes marketing aid templates such as brochure, flyers, sales letters, mail stuffers, telephone scripts, and much, much more.

What is the Commission Rate?

IACFB pays its agents the standard commission rate of 10% of the factoring fees earned.  Commissions are paid on a residual basis for the life of the account.  Commissions payments for brokers are further explored in our Learning Lab.

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Due to the fact that this unique home-based consulting business is still considered to be “under-the-radar”, there is little competition in the industry for freelancers.  YAHOO Hot Jobs did stumble on to this profession a few years back but even they did not know entirely what they had discovered.  The important thing about this home-based business is this…ANYONE CAN DO IT.  And even more important for many is that IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers will train you very affordably to help you get started in the industry.  

IACFB Membership with full access to the Factoring Broker Training Facility (Campus IACFB) can be purchased through the links from this site at just $59.95