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Thanks for Registering.  Now Let’s Start Earning Some Residual Commissions!

Now that your Campus Registration is complete, it’s time to start learning more about factoring, the factoring industry, and how independent consultants can fit in.  Everyone, and we do mean everyone, can benefit from the free training provided at Campus IACFB.  The only question left to be answered is what you do with it.

Many here at the e-learning training center have been referred by factors and lenders since it is a great way to enhance the industry knowledge of their existing broker networks and increase their productivity.  Other here are enterprise entrepreneurs that have discovered the unique business opportunity commonly known as “factoring broker” and want to learn more.  Still other benefitting from Factoring 101 training are community professionals such as accountants and bookkeepers, business consultants, insurance professionals, and legal professionals seeking to expand their current business to include business finance consulting. 

Regardless of your intended goals, we know you will find the Factoring 101 training program will meet your expectations as a truly comprehensive education in the business of factoring and how you, as a new consultant / broker, can begin earning life-of-account commission income just for referring prospective clients to factors and similar alternative commercial finance lenders.

Welcome to Campus IACFB

Startup Q & A

Can I start on a minimal budget?

Absolutely.  To launch this business on a minimal budget you only need three five (5) things.

  1. Training:  This is FREE and provided through Factoring 101
  2. Business Cards:  You will need these for networking and sending those you meet to your website 
  3. A Factoring Broker Website:  DataMax provides very low cost websites for factoring brokers $49.95 plus hosting and domain.  (check our promotions page for discounts)
  4. A FREE “Offer” for Lead-Generation:  The DataMax website includes a built in free offer for lead generation.  This is a booklet called “When Banks Say No!…The Small Business Guide to Factoring.”
  5. Networking Opportunities:  You need to place yourself in the right place and at the right time to network with others and generate leads.

How Much Can I Earn as a Referrer?

That, of course, depends on how many hours you work and how effective you are when you are actually working.  Most that enter the industry do not come “naturally” equipped to be successful sales consultants and will need to sharpen their “soft skills” as they go.  A “successful” factoring broker is typically looked upon as someone earning a six figure income from the business.

Getting Started with Factoring 101

First things first.  It’s time to begin learning more about factoring and the unique opportunities available to enterprising entrepreneurs to earn an exceptional income as industry “referrers”.  As you will soon see, the Factoring 101 course is quite comprehensive and will explain factoring, as a powerful financial tool, in depth.  Factoring 101 will provide you with all the knowledge required to begin earning a share of our industry’s near-legendary life of account commission income.

What Comes Next? 

Once you have completed the Factoring 101 training course, the question you will need to answer is, “What do I do with this newfound knowledge?”  Once you have the knowledge, you now need to decide…

  • will I use this knowledge to start an actual part-time business or even a new full time career…or…
  • will I use this knowledge simply to enhance the income from my current profession

No matter which path you choose, rest assured that industry factors and lenders will welcome each and every one of your referrals and pay you handsomely for them.

For those that ultimately decide to use this knowledge to start their own financial consulting business (part-time or full time), there are many support products provided by the IACFB in additional training programs that can assist you along your way.  And for those wanted to enter the industry on slightly more than just a casual basis but with a limited budget, the IACFB’s co-brokering program with it’s low cost website program may just fill the bill perfectly.

To get started with your free Factoring 101 training now, simply click the green button above.

And…welcome to Campus IACFB.