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Getting Started as an Agent

At IACFB, becoming a factoring broker / consultant can be a career step or can be an intentionally slower process.  That is simply because this industry provides opportunities for absolutely ALL TYPES OF BROKERS. 

All members  at  IACFB have FREE access to basic industry knowledge through our FREE Sponsored Agent Course as well as the myriad of free articles and startup factoring training found at the IACFB magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants. com.   We recommend that new brokers begin with the FREE Agents Program which offers what is needed to submit a deal and earn a commission. It provides with a first step and a foot in the door.

    • Sponsored Agent (recommend starting here)
    • Factoring Broker 
    • Commercial Finance Consultant

We highly recommend you start as an “agent”.  As an option add-on to this training, you can receive a professionally designed WordPress Landing Page for just $49.95 through arrangements through DataMax.  You can view the Agent website templates here.

The International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

Welcome to IACFB! Become an Active Association Member

Ready to launch a career in factoring and commercial finance consulting?  If so, it’s time to join the nation’s largest independent organization of freelance brokers and consultants at IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Consultants.  As a member of IACFB’s growing network of brokers, agents, and consultants, you will benefit from…

  • AGENT TRAINING:  IACFB provides all association members with FREE basic training at our IACFB Academy.  This basic training course provides you with everything required to begin sourcing sales qualified leads to IACFB Wholesale and begin earning our industry’s near-legendary residual, life-of-account commission income.
  • BROKER / CONSULTANT TRAINING:  For those with a full time career focus, IACFB’s Campus provides our members with a comprehensive program in commercial finance products which allow our members to not only excel in factoring, but also become proficient in providing business clients with capital solutions in asset-based lending, SBA loans, inventory finance, equipment leasing, export trade finance solutions, and more. 

Take the Next Step.  Getting Started with Professional Training

The best way to get started IACFB is to become a Sponsored Agent.  For new brokers, this is your “foot in the door” to get started in this exceptional industry.  To sign up for this training, you only need to click the button below and complete the short form.  Within 24 hours, we will provide you with credentials as a REGISTERED GUEST at the Academy.  There is no payment or credit card required to begin your journey. 

If you believe you’re already in a position to launch a full time freelance career in our industry and want to take the next step, you can upgrade your IACFB Membership and can get FULL ACCESS to Campus IACFB for complete professional training.