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Understanding "Add-Ons"

All “Active Members” at the IACFB have access to basic Factoring 101 factoring training at the Campus providing enough ready knowledge to begin submitting deals to your favorite factor.  The “Add-On” System provides members with options to take their basic membership access to higher levels of training and support.  Add-ons to your Membership include…

  • FACTORING 101 PROGRAM:  For most, this is the natural extension to their “Active membership and it includes Business-in-a-Box training for marketing and business development as well as 4-5 page professionally designed WordPress Factoring Broker Website, print version of our popular Commercial Finance Consultant Training Guide, website SSL Certificate, business email, and more.  (See Details)
  • FREELANCE COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANT PROGRAM (303):  The CFC Program is the most comprehensive training program here at the Campus for those self-starters and mobile creatives interested in a full time business and career as a loan broker or, as it is more properly termed, commercial finance consultant.  This program includes all the features of the Factoring 101 Program but then adds Factoring 303 Continuing Product Education, a professionally designed expanded WordPress website for loan brokers / consultants, and finally adds access to the IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders to assist loan brokers and consultants in finding the right lender for any deal. (See Details)
The International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

Welcome to IACFB! Become an Active Member

Ready to launch a career in factoring and commercial finance consulting?  If so, it’s time to upgrade from your Registered Guest status here at the Campus and make the commitment to launch your broker / consultant business by becoming an “Active Member”.   Here’s how…  

  • All IACFB Members are “active” or ready to become “active” in the industry meaning they are seeking to become engaged in developing business and earning commissions.  To join IACFB and become an “active” member, you must first establish your business identity.  This means you need to decide upon a….
    • business name
    • domain name

If you are having trouble deciding on a business name and domain name, we have an article to assist you here in the Learning Lab.  (You must be “registered” and logged in to access this article)

  • Once you have decided upon an identity, you are ready to become an “Active IACFB Member”.   By default, all IACFB Members are granted access to Factoring 101 Broker Training at the Campus so they train and begin submitting deals to industry factors or IACFB.

Getting Started.  What Membership Provides

To become an “Active Member”, simply click the green button below and set up your membership along with your website domain and hosting account.  Once your order is processed (within 24 hours), you will be notified and the USERNAME and PASSWORD you were given as a “Registered Guest” will now also provide you with access to Factoring 101 Training at the Campus.

With your “Active” membership, you are provided with everything necessary to begin submitting referrals to your sponsor, IACFB, or any industry factor including…

  • Factoring 101 basic broker training “Fundamentals of Factoring”
  • WordPress Landing Page
  • Lead-Generating Booklet Offer (included with your Landing Page)
  • Business Email