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Understanding Enterprise Websites and "Add-Ons"

At IACFB, becoming a factoring broker / consultant can be a career step or can be an intentionally slower process.  That is simply because this industry provides opportunities for absolutely ALL TYPES OF BROKERS. 

All “Active Members” at the IACFB have access to basic, periodic Factoring 101 articles and startup factoring training found at the magazine which offers what is needed to submit a deal and earn a commission. It provides with a first step and a foot in the door.

Campus IACFB (professional training) as well as training at the “Academy” off the next step for those individuals serious about the industry and career potential.  To get started you will need to…

    • Sponsored Agent
    • Factoring Broker
    • Commercial Finance Consultant
    • Enterprise Silver
    • Enterprise Gold
    • Enterprise Platinum
    • Sponsored Agent at the Academy
    • Enterprise Gold at Campus IACFB
    • Enterprise Platinum at Campus IACFB


The International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

Welcome to IACFB! Become an Active Member

Ready to launch a career in factoring and commercial finance consulting?  If so, it’s time to upgrade from your Registered Guest status here at the Campus and make the commitment to become an “Active Member” by purchasing your website domain at DataMax Hosting.  Here’s how…  

  • All IACFB Members are “active” or ready to become “active” in the industry meaning they are seeking to become engaged in developing business and earning commissions.  To join IACFB and become an “active” member, you must first establish your business identity.  This means you need to…

If you are having trouble deciding on a business name and domain name, we have an article to assist you here in the Learning Lab.  

  • Once you have decided upon an identity and purchase your domain at DataMax, you are ready to become an “Active IACFB Member” and will assigned a “login identity” for the protected articles and archives at the IACFB’s Broker Magazine at Commercial Finance

Take the Next Step.  Getting Started with a DataMax Website and Professional Training

By becoming an IACFB Member, you will have access to the Archived Articles at the Magazine which includes training for all Sponsored Agents.  With this training, you will have all the knowledge necessary to begin submitting deals and earning commissions through IACFB Wholesale.

If you believe you’re ready for an actual freelance career in our industry and want to take the next step, you can upgrade your IACFB Membership and can get FULL ACCESS to Campus IACFB for complete professional training.