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Registration:  Become an IACFB Registered Guest and Enjoy Free Training in the Learning Lab and IACFB Magazine

Guest Registration is FREE and provides those seeking additional information and an introduction to factoring as a powerful form of business finance and more importantly, how virtually anyone can participate in the industry as a broker / consultant and begin earning life of account residual commission income paid for referrals.  If you are a accounting professional, business consultant, lending officer, or simply an entrepreneur seeking an exciting home business opportunity, Campus IACFB is the place to begin.

Campus IACFB’s Learning Lab and IACFB Magazine will provide you with all of the basic factoring knowledge you will need to confidently begin participating in the industry as a referrer.  And one of the best features about this training information is that it’s 100% FREE with the only requirement being REGISTRATION as a new IACFB user.

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Questions and Answers

Is there any cost associated with Guest Access at IACFB?

No.  Guest Access at IACFB is completely free and complimentary and for those interested in earning lucrative commission income as an “independent consultant” in the business development side of the industry, Campus IACFB is a great place to start. 

What broker training is offered at Campus IACFB?

There are two primary training programs offered at the Campus.

  1. SPONSORED AGENT:  This is a great program for new “part-time” brokers exploring the industry and it’s many opportunities.  “Sponsors” for this program are either industry factors and their BDOs (Business Development Officers) or IACFB itself.  Sponsored agents focus their efforts strictly on lead generation in the factoring industry and rely upon their sponsor to actually close the deals.
  2. FREELANCE PROGRAM:  This program is for full time focused professionals seeking a career as an industry commercial finance consultant.  Freelance brokers represent a broad array of financing solutions and not just the factoring product.  Rather than work solely with one “sponsor”, they will tend to develop relationships with and direct business to a host of specialized finance companies.  

Is Campus IACFB Training Expensive?

No, the training programs at Campus IACFB are extremely modest and affordable.  Membership at Campus IACFB is just a $59.95 Registration Fee which provides complete access to the training campus.  As a member, you can “add-on” websites and web support at a later date if desired.  Alternatively, you can enter either the Sponsored Agents Program of Freelance Program initially.  Both include membership.

As a Member, am I required to subscribe to a training program?

Absolutely not.  Membership and everything that comes with it is free and complimentary and you will find a wealth of information on factoring and the business of being a factoring broker in our periodic newsletters as well as IACFB’s Magazine at

Can I submit a prospective client through IACFB?

Absolutely.  In fact, once any prospect you submit through IACFB is accepted as a client by one of our factors, you will then qualify for FREE training (like a scholarship) at the Campus.  In addition, you will also be paid a standard industry commission of 10% of the factoring fees earned month after month for the life of the account.

How Do I Submit a Referral and Start Earning?

Submitting a referral to IACFB is very easy and you can click here to get all the details.

Factoring Broker at Campus IACFBWelcome to Registration at Campus IACFB

Welcome to Registration at Campus IACFB.  Register now and begin taking classes and lessons which will provide you with all the knowledge required to begin referring new clients for factoring and other forms of alternative commercial finance to industry factors and lenders.  As you will learn, commissions paid to referrers in the factoring industry are near-legendary and are both residual and for the life of the account.

What’s Included with Registration / Membership

The Learning Lab is a complimentary free “first look” at the business of  factoring and is the introduction to the industry.   Included with your registration / membership is…

  • Access to the Community Forums
  • Access to Learning Lab articles
  • Access to IACFB’s online Consultant Magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants
  • Broker Website, Hosting, Domain discount packages at DataMax Hosting (see promotions)
  • Commission-generating co-broker deal placement assistance through IACFB Wholesale Operations  

Deal Placement Assistance

For those new to the industry, and especially for our new members engaged in a full time profession such as accounting or banking, deal placement assistance through IACFB Wholesale can provide you with the expert help you need in qualifying prospective clients prior to submission.  New industry consultants can take advantage of IACFB staff to help qualify and submit their deals to the right funding source and begin earning our industry’s near-legendary life of account commission income.