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IACFB Off-Campus

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Welcome to Off-Campus Learning at IACFB

Welcome to IACFB Off-Campus Learning.

IACFB Off-Campus is an area we have specifically created for our Registered Guests who are seeking to learn more about the opportunities that can be found in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry for those interested in becoming industry referrers and, eventually, freelance independent industry brokers and consultants.

IACFB Off-Campus is totally free and without cost and provides basic training in factoring and includes access to:

  • The introductory lessons for our Registered Guests and Referrers
  • IACFB Magazine and magazine archives

For many that are visiting IACFB, you will find the information found at IACFB Off-Campus to be sufficient to actually begin earning commissions and fees by referring occasional clients to the factor of your choice or, alternatively, IACFB Wholesale Finance itself.

Access the Course

Unlike our “On-Campus” comprehensive training facility for freelance career-focused brokers and consultants, our Off-Campus course with its introductory informative lessons does not require login but the lesson index is PASSWORD PROTECTED so you will need to sign up as a Campus REGISTERED GUEST to retrieve the required password.   If you are not already a Campus Registered Guest, you can register by clicking the button at left.


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Questions & Answers

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus: What's the Difference?

As the name would imply, “On-Campus” training includes classes and lessons provided for those enrolled in either the Freelance Factoring Broker Program or the Commercial Finance Consultant Program here at Campus IACFB.   Off-Campus e-learning, often referred to as “Factoring 101 Lite” is offered through the many informative articles found in the archives of IACFB Magazine

Is This Training for Factoring Brokers as Well?

Yes, this training area is also accessible to Campus IACFB Freelance Factoring Brokers and Commercial Finance Consultants as part of their training.   Developing a working knowledge of the many traditional consumer product found in the Cash Flow Industry can mean additional income opportunities for our business loan brokers.

How Am I Charged for Off-Campus Training for Cash Flow Brokers?

The Off-Campus training area is a “Members Only” area so you must be an IACFB Member for basic access to this unique support area.

What is the "Promo Code" for?

As part of this one-of-a-kind training, you may be eligible for a 50% discount on DataMax “SuperSite” WordPress business websites which are essential to this program.  DataMax “SuperSites” are highly specialized websites that include all standard Cash Flow Broker product areas as well as Factoring and Commercial Finance Product Areas.


Can I upgrade to full Factoring Broker or Consultant Training?

Yes, you can subscribe to either the Factoring Broker Training Program at Campus IACFB or the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant training program at the Campus at any time.

IACFB Off-Cmapus

Basic Questions and Answers About Training

Off-Campus learning at IACFB is a great way to explore the career and income opportunities found in the factoring industry and to actually get started and set up a business as an industry referrer.  As the name implies, “off-campus learning” is not part of Campus IACFB’s more rigorous classes and lessons required for career brokers, but is rather a series of articles which provide everything the average individual will require and need to become an industry “Referrer”.  The off-campus directory / table of contents assembles these articles in an organized way to provide a high level of training.

To access IACFB Off-Campus training, simply click any class topic from the Table of Contents at the left side of the screen below to display the articles pertinent to that topic. 

Factor's Agents Program

Getting Started / Setup

Training Overview
LinkedIn Groups (Important)
IACFB Magazine
Website Options & Setup
Activation and Access

Learning about the factoring industry and more specifically, how to refer prospective clients to industry factors and banks with factoring departments means you will now have the opportunity to earn residual commission income as a benefit of that referral.  Some who discover our industry turn the knowledge learned here at Campus IACFB into a completely new and prosperous career.  Others are very content occasionally earning monthly commissions from simply being in the right place, at the right time, and armed with the knowledge they accrue here at the Campus.  Either way, the industry welcomes you.


The “Off Campus” Training Program at IACFB exists for two (2) purposes:

  1. Assist industry Cash Flow Consultants in learning about factoring and business finance and the opportunities available to them to earn life-of-account residual commission income.
  2. Assist freelance Factoring Brokers and Commercial Finance Consultants in learning more about the consumer finance products found in the Cash flow industry so they can take advantage of those commission generating opportunities.

On a comparative basis, LinkedIn is the most important social media available to you and there are numerous groups you can join for lead generation.  For training, however, there are three (3) highly important groups to join immediately. 

  1. Join the Campus IACFB Factoring Broker Group at LinkedIn.  Aside from acting like our bulletin board, this is where you will find industry factors willing to sponsor you for free basic Factoring 101 training.  (Click Here)
  2. We also recommend you join several other factoring related groups such as Factoring Brokers Group and… 
  3. Factoring Lead Referral and Networking Group.

Many of the training articles we will provide you are also published at IACFB’s online magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants.  There is an exceptional amount of content on the front page of the magazine that is viewable by the general public.  Much of the additional content that “falls off” the from page is “Password Protected” and for IACFB Members Only!

To view protected content in the back pages of the magazine, use the PASSWORD:  “Factor“.

Take a moment to visit the onle magazine now at 

Websites are the most critical marketing component for lead generation for both Cash Flow Consultants as well as Factoring / Commercial Finance Consultants.  For those electing to expand their business opportunities and earn commissions on both areas, a very special style of website is required.  

For our members involved in both the commercial and consumer sides of the industry, IACFB has commissioned a special series of websites called “SuperSites” through DataMax Web Hosting and Design.  You will learn more about ‘SuperSites” and how they are managed in your training.

Access to Off-Campus training requires…

  1. IACFB Member Status…or…
  2. Status as a trainee in our Freelance Factoring Broker or Commercial Finance Consultant Programs

IACFB Magazine

Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine

IACFB Off-Campus for Cash Flow Consultants

Introductory Broker Training for IACFB Members in the Cash Flow Industry
Explore Off-Campus...

Mortgage Notes & Cash Flow Consulting

About this section

In this section, you will be introduced to the primary areas of focus for Cash Flow Consultants including…

  • Owner financed Mortgage Notes
  • Structured Settlement Cash Outs
  • Gaming Award and Annuity Cash Outs
  • Inheritance Advances
  • Pre-Settlement Legal Advances
  • Life Settlements

What You Will Need to Successfully Enter the Cash Flow Industry

Seller Financing: What Is It?

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What is a Mortgage Note?

What is an Inheritance Advance?

What is a Pre-Settlement Legal Advance?

What is a Structured Settlement Cash Out?

What Is a Gaming Award Cash Out

What is a Life Settlement?

Explore Off-Campus...

Factoring /Alternative Commercial Finance

About This Section

In this area of Off-Campus Training, you will…

  • Learn the basics of factoring and invoice finance
  • Be introduced to other important areas of asset-based finance
  • Learn how to submit deals and earn commissions

Important Definitions (Factoring)

To get started with the lessons found in this off-campus training, it’s important to build a foundation for your new knowledge by learning some “keystone” definitions.   Here are some definitions that are vital for business development and for new industry brokers to master.

Explore Off-Campus..

Marketing, Productivity & Lead Generation

About This Section

In this section, you will begin learning about productivity and lead-generation and in particular, how it relates to your:

  • website
  • blog posts
  • offers
  • social media

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IACFB Off-Campus Overview
Get Started! Important Definitions
What is Factoring?
Important Factoring Concepts
Invoices and Terms of Payment
Benefits of Factoring
Types of Companies That Factor
What Makes a Good Factoring Client?
Problem Invoices and Industries
Developing Sales Qualified Leads
Lead Generation
Submitting a Deal
Deal Breakers & Remedies
What is Asset-Based Finance?

IACFB Off-Campus, sometimes referred to as “Factoring 101 Lite”, is an educational area for IACFB’s general membership that are not enrolled in either the comprehensive Factoring Broker Program or the Commercial Finance Consultant Program at the e-learning Campus.  It is also the training area for our members simply seeking to enter the industry as occasional or part-time “referrers” or Factor’s Agents

All of the articles and lessons for this course are “Off Campus” which means they are not found in the classes and lessons as part of the actual broker training classes here at Campus IACFB.  Instead, they are primarily found in the archives at Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and as such, many articles will be PASSWORD PROTECTED.  With your “Guest Registration” here at the Campus, we provided you with a MASTER PASSWORD for archived magazine articles.  That password is “Factor” and will provide access to any article linked from this study area.

To get started with the lessons found in this off-campus training, it’s important to build a foundation for your new knowledge by learning some “keystone” definitions.   Here are some definitions that are vital for business development and for new industry brokers to master.

Factoring is a well-practiced form of commercial finance in which a finance company (known as the “factor”) purchases accounts receivable from a business (known as the “client”) at a discount to their face value.  Once purchased, the obligated parties owing payment on the invoices (know as “customers”) will submit payment directly to the factor and not the client. 

Factoring is a method of finance that provides cash flow solutions to those businesses operating on a B2B (business-to-business) sales basis only and invoicing for their services or sales of goods.  Worldwide, the factoring industry is quite large with purchase volumes of several trillion dollars annually.  Click the button below to find out more.

Factoring is a relatively simple form of commercial finance but one that is certainly “different” from the more typical types of business finance you might encounter and clearly understanding such differences will your job as a referrer / agent / consultant in the industry much easier (and more profitable).  Develop a firm foundation and understanding of what makes factoring so “different”.  Find out more.

In addition to its well-known financial abilities to deal with the problems of cash flow associated with slow paying customers, there are many additional benefits for small business owners who opt to employ factoring.  Click the button below to find out more.

For Note Brokers, Cash Flow Consultants, Professional Bloggers, and many others not focused on a full time career in factoring and loan brokering, the key to earning a share of the factoring industry’s residual commission income is to learn how to identify and develop Sales Qualified Leads that can be easily turned over to any BDO you are working with for follow up and closing.  Make no mistake.  For purely part-timers developing Sales Qualified Leads is the key to success.  Learn more in the article linked below.

Asset-based finance is a specialized method of commercial finance which of provides companies with working capital and term loans that use accounts receivable, inventory, machinery, equipment, or occasionally real estate as collateral. It is essentially any loan to a company that is secured by one of the company’s assets.

Factoring is a highly specialized type of asset-based finance that is used to finance the accounts receivable (invoices) of a company, although as a broker, it’s important to also understand, that the working capital provided by factoring can be used for any purpose including the purchase of equipment or inventory.

This training for “Factor’s Agents” will specifically focus on factoring and only factoring as a method of working capital finance as it pertains to the invoices of a company.