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You've Never Heard of It?

What Kind of a Home Business is Factoring? Register to Find Out More in the Learning Lab.

Factoring is a powerful method of business finance utilized worldwide to address problems of cash flow caused when the customers of a business pay their invoices too slowly.  Businesses commonly give their customer 30 days or sometimes longer to pay an invoice.  Many customers abuse that accommodation and take 40 – 60 days.  That can make the provider run short of cash for payroll, taxes, daily operations etc.  Factoring solves that problem.

Though you may not be familiar with factoring, it is very popular worldwide with American factors (there are over 500) providing of $100 billion in factoring each and every year.  Factors source clients using their own BDO’s (Business Development Officers).  BDO’s are just like bank loan officers.  Unlike banks, however, factors also accept (and solicit) referrals, from accounting professional, attorneys, and others to whom they pay a commission.  One of the most important sources of referral to factors are freelance professionals called factoring brokers or more professionally, commercial finance consultants.  

Without question, “factoring broker” is an under-the-radar home business and although YAHOO Hot Jobs gave it a Top Ten rating a few years back, even they did not fully appreciate the opportunity they had uncovered.  What they certainly missed was the near-legendary residual, life-of-account commissions that factors pay for referrals.

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Brokers!  Think you know factoring?  In-depth product knowledge is essential for business development in factoring.  Test your factoring knowledge with our short (but illuminating) quiz on factoring.  Click the image below.

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FREE Broker Training

IACFB’s new “Referrer” pilot program with Factoring 101 Crash Course will open Tuesday, June 15th and will feature FREE Campus training.  Limited availability.  To get all the exciting details, click the image below.

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The perfect way to begin a career in factoring with IACFB’s exceptionally affordable Broker Training Programs found at Campus IACFB.  But to begin your journey and to make certain this is the right career path for you, you’ll first need to become an IACFB Registered Guest and gain access to our free articles about the industry and lessons.  As a Registered Guest, you receive…

  • Full access to our online magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants 
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Once you have decided if a part-time or full time career in the factoring industry is right for you, you can then enter one of our comprehensive broker training programs.

To get started and become an IACFB Guest Member, simply click the button below.

Factoring Broker Training Guide at Amazon
Included with the Freelance Program

Factoring Broker and CFC Consultant Training Guide

This 5 star-rated Consultant’s Guide to Factoring sets the standard in the industry for startup training and our newly revised 212 page guide now accompanies both the online Freelance Factoring Broker and the Freelance Consultant e-learning programs at Campus IACFB.

Those entering Campus training as a Freelance Independent Broker or Consultant will find that these premier programs include both the print guide, full Campus 101 and 202 access, and complimentary shipping of the guide in the Continental U.S.

In addition to its wealth of factoring knowledge, our 2021 Consultant’s Guide to Factoring includes an expansive section on startup marketing and business development tips to help you get your new factoring broker consultancy up, operational, and generating its share of our industry’s life of account residual commission income.

Business Launch and Start Up

Included with IACFB Membership is the powerful marketing support program (Factoring 202) which includes templates for 3-panel brochures, flyers, cover letters, mail stuffers / post cards, telephone scripts and more along with…

  • Factoring broker WordPress Landing Page (free and complimentary) hosting included
  • Factoring Broker WordPress Websites with Blog (Included with either Freelance Program) (View here)
  • Factoring broker “SuperSites” ($99.95) hosting included  (View Example)

Our new “SuperSites” are perfect for mortgage brokers and cash flow consultants and not only include complete support for factoring and commercial finance products, but also “Cash Flow” consumer products such as private mortgage notes, structured settlements, inheritance advances, pre-settlement legal advances, and more.

All IACFB WordPress Factoring Broker websites include a powerful lead-generating blog and are constructed using state-of-the-art Elementor drag and drop editor allowing you to easily modify your site’s image, text, structure, and add additional financial products as you grow your consulting business.

IACFB Member Magazine

Factoring Broker Magazine
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