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Your Login Credentials

If you’re viewing this orientation page, it likely means you have received you login credentials for the Campus and have been set up as a “USER”.  If you are a…

  • REGISTERED GUEST:  You should log in and the proceed to the Learning Lab.  Additionally, make certain you join IACFB’s LinkedIn Group so you can ask questions and converse with others.
  • FACTOR’S AGENT:  You will have received your login credentials by separate email and can begin accessing Factoring 101 training immediately.  Your special login credentials provide FREE access to Factoring 101 for 30 days.  Click here to visit Learning Lab and Factoring 101 Training
  • IACFB MEMBER:  If you have been notified of your “member credentials” via email, click the “Get Trained” link in the NAVIGATION BAR above and begin your Factoring 101 training and website set up.  You will additionally have Campus access to Factoring 202 and 303 if you added those training modules on when subscribing as an IACFB “Active” Member. 

For Registered Guests

If you have “registered” as a Registered Guest here at the Campus and have received an email with your login credentials, it’s now time for you to begin exploring the industry, the training facility, and determining if a home-based career in factoring and loan brokering is right for you.  Your guest status is active for 30 days and you are provided with…

  • Access to the Learning Lab which provides you with important “Basic Training” in factoring and how to submit referrals and earn commissions.  If you are logged in, you can access the Learning Lab now by clicking here.
  • Access to IACFB Magazine:  This provides you with a wealth of startup information and you can view the magazine by visiting 
  • Automated Email Training:  You will receive 15 to 20 automated emails over the next 30 days which will provide you with selected articles of interest from the “archives” at IACFB magazine with important tips and directions for getting started in the industry.
Senior Woman Factoring Broker
Factoring Broker
Begin Your Journey

For Factor's Agents

One of the surest methods of becoming successful as an independent industry consultant is to align yourself with an industry factor early on and the Factor’s Agent Program at Campus IACFB does just that.   This is a program that helps you launch your business as a “referrer”, simply supplying SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) to your sponsoring factor’s business development officers who will help close the deals for you.  Though not precisely a mentoring program, the relationship you develop with your business development officers will provide you with all that is necessary to begin earning the commission income that has made our industry famous.

Factor’s Agents are provided with…

  • FACTORING 101:  This is the primary training area for factoring in the Campus and is the cornerstone of all IACFB training programs “Active Members”.
  • COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANT MAGAZINE:  The only publication of its kind on the web with a tremendous amount of broker information and especially for those just getting started.
  • WORDPRESS LANDING PAGE:  Although optional, the WordPress Landing Page provided with the Agents Program, with it’s offer of a FREE booklet on Factoring available to your website visitors, is the key component for generating SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) you can turn over to your BDOs for follow up and closing.  The Landing Page is free.  You will be responsible for a domain and hosting ($9.95 per month) through IACFB’s hosting partner.

If you have received an email that your access credentials have been updated, click here to visit the Campus now.

For Industry Professionals

For "Active" IACFB Members

If you have already joined IACFB, become an “active” member and are ready to begin training and business set up, it’s time for you to enter the Campus.  There are three (3) primary training areas or sections in the Campus and you will have access to these areas based upon your User Credentials:

  • FACTORING 101:  This is the primary training area for factoring in the Campus and is accessible to all “Active Members”.  In addition to the product training, this section contains the important information for website set up and operation through DataMax. 
  • FACTORING 202:  This is the marketing training and support area of the Campus and is accessible by “Active Members” adding on this module and who are anticipation a career as a Freelance Factoring Broker.
  • FACTORING 303:  This is the advanced financial products “add-on” area for those focused on a full-time career as a professional freelance loan broker / commercial finance consultant.  This module provides training well beyond the standard factoring / ABL product areas.

If you have received an email that your access credentials have been updated, click here to visit the Campus now.

Factoring Broker on Aircraft Marketing
Factoring Broker blogging

The perfect way to begin a career in factoring with IACFB’s exceptionally affordable Broker Training Programs found at Campus IACFB.  But to begin your journey and to make certain this is the right career path for you, you’ll first need to become an IACFB Registered Guest and gain access to our free articles about the industry and lessons.  As a Registered Guest, you receive…

  • Full access to our online magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants 
  • Access to our “Startup” training at the Learning Lab at Campus IACFB
  • Access to the Campus Forums / Bulletin Boards

Once you have decided if a part-time or full time career in the factoring industry is right for you, you can then enter one of our comprehensive broker training programs.

To get started and become an IACFB Guest Member, simply click the button below.

Factoring Broker Training Guide at Amazon
Included with the Freelance Program

Factoring Broker and CFC Consultant Training Guide

This 5 star-rated Consultant’s Guide to Factoring sets the standard in the industry for startup training and our newly revised 212 page guide is now available to all IACFB “Active” members as an “add-on”.

For many entering Campus training as a Freelance Independent Broker or Freelance Loan Broker / Commercial Finance Consultant, this 5-Star rated print training guide adds a wealth of easy to access product information as well as start up tips for those just getting started.  

The training guide can be purchased as an “add-on” during your initial membership subscription through DataMax or can be purchased by logging into your client dashboard at DataMax and from the NAVIGATION BAR on your dashboard, select SERVICE > VIEW AVAILABLE ADD-ONS.

Business Launch and Start Up

Included with IACFB “Active” Membership is a vitally important powerful marketing tool…a professionally designed WordPress Factoring Broker Website which includes…

  • Complete 6 page website
  • WordPress lead-generating blog
  • Lead-generating booklet offer (When Banks Say No…The Small Business Guide to Factoring)

In addition to our standard Freelance Factoring Broker sites, we also now offer our new “SuperSites” for lona brokers, commercial finance consultants, and also for mortgage note / cash flow consultants.  These sites not only include complete support for factoring and commercial finance products, but also “Cash Flow” consumer products such as private mortgage notes, structured settlements, inheritance advances, pre-settlement legal advances, and more.

All IACFB WordPress Factoring Broker websites include a powerful lead-generating blog and are constructed using state-of-the-art Elementor drag and drop editor allowing you to easily modify your site’s image, text, structure, and add additional financial products as you grow your consulting business.

IACFB Member Magazine

Factoring Broker Magazine
Explore our Industry!

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