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Pipedrive: Free 30 Day Trial

Free 30 Day Trial for Pipedrive

For professional factoring consultants, a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is an essential tool and as CRMs go, there is none better (or more affordable), than Pipedrive.  Throughout the Factoring 202 Course, we will be referring to this powerful business management tool and how we use it to develop leads and new factoring clients at IACFB.  Additionally, we have lessons in Factoring 202 to assist you in making the few small customizations to the system which make it perfect for factoring consultants.

Subscribing to Pipedrive is very inexpensive, however, you will receive a FREE 30 day trial of the system simply by selecting the button below and completing the form.  We will email your free trial subscription link within 24 hours.

What Pipedrive Plan Does IACFB Recommend?

Pipedrive offers a series of plans with varying access to features.  For factoring brokers and consultants, we recommend the “Advanced” plan which includes…

  • Two Way Email Sync
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Basic Workflow Automation
  • Web to mobile calling 

What is a Factoring Broker Agency?

One of the tasks of all professional factoring consultants is to build “networks”.  Typically, they will build networks of sources of referral such as community bank loan officers, accounting professionals, and others.  Some very enterprising career consultants will also build networks of “agents”. 

Quickly described, “agents” are bird dogs that generate very occasional leads.  Everyone in today’s economy is looking for a home-based “gig” business and becoming a factoring broker’s agent fits that bill completely.

Agents are typically individuals that are “connected” and this connection is usually on the various social media platforms.  Enterprising factoring brokers will build a network of agents that supply the broker with a constant stream of leads.  If an agent proves to be valuable, the broker may add a “landing page” for that agent in a sub-domain on his/her Factoring 101 website.  The landing page can include a Pipedrive form for leads that can easily identify which agent provided any given lead

Building an agency takes time and effort but can generate a constant source of quality leads.  We discuss the “Agency Concept” in detail in Factoring 202 Productivity Training. 

Do You Need Pipedrive CRM?

This is actually a very easy question to answer.

You do NOT need Pipedrive (or a CRM) if you…

  • intend to be a very occasional referrer and will not be actively marketing for new business
  • are an accounting professional, tax preparer, etc. and do not actively market for new business, depending only on referrals for new clients
  • are a blogger and are looking at referring factoring clients as just another affiliate marketing opportunity
  • entering the industry as an IACFB Co-Broker (See Factoring 101)

You DO need Pipedrive CRM if you…

  • are entering the industry as a full time consultant or intend to transition to full time in the foreseeable future
  • intend to utilize direct marketing, drip marketing, websites, and offers in the lead generation process
  • will utilize face-to-face networking and relationship building with lending officers, accounting professionals and others to generate leads
  • intend to develop your consultancy as an agency and build a network of “sub-brokers”

Career-Oriented Consultants and the Need for a CRM

While those that simply refer the occasional client to a factor for a finder’s fee and do not specifically market factoring and alternative commercial finance products as a specific means of generating business revenue will not find they require a CRM, it is much different for career factoring consultants.  For example, it is not unusual for a professional career factoring broker with 2 -3 years in the business to have upwards of 3,000-5,000 targets and financing leads they are actively prospecting.  Add in another 500 sources of referral such as lending officers and accounting professionals and you begin the understand the need for a CRM.  There is simply no possible way you can manage the relationship building and sales process with such numbers without two vitally important things…

  • a CRM (Our choice…Pipedrive)
  • a DRIP email marketing system (Our choice…DRIP)

And the numbers will grow.  At IACFB we’ve known active industry brokers with 10,000+ contacts in their CRMs.  Some exceptionally successful consultants with 10 or more years in the industry with have upwards of 15,000 contacts.  

Your Factoring 101 Website and Pipedrive Forms

All IACFB Factoring Broker websites contain 2-3 html forms which are used for…

  • Contact us
  • Prospect factoring / financing applications
  • Request of a FREE Offer (When Banks Say No…The Small Business Guide to Factoring)

Pipedrive users will find they can easily replace these standard html forms with Pipedrive forms that will deliver both deal applications and leads directly into their sales pipeline to be immediately followed up on.  Making such forms is very easy with Pipedrive and replacing the html forms of your Factoring 101 website with Pipedrive forms is very inexpensive, typically just $25-$50 depending upon your Factoring 101 website template.  

The built in FREE offer on your Factoring 101 website of the “When Banks Say No” booklet is a powerful lead generator for your business and the booklet is automatically provided in PDF format when a request is received by completing the request form.  If that form is a Pipedrive form, it will automatically create a “Lead” in your Sales Pipeline and can additionally be programmed to begin an “automation” of emails to prepare the new prospect for your upcoming sales call (telephone contact).