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Programs at Campus IACFB

Those that first discover the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry can sometimes become a bit confused about this unique career path and this is usually due to the many career opportunities it actually represents.  You see, when it comes to the business of loan brokering, one size certainly does not fit all.  Fortunately, at IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, we support most operators that consider themselves loan brokers, whether they operate only in the commercial arena, or also delve into the broad spectrum of consumer products as well.  Below are just a few examples of our support products.

  • FACTORING BROKER (Freelance):  Likely our most popular area of support, this is an career path with a primary focus on the factoring product and secondary focus on asset-based lending (accounts, inventory, equipment).  Most freelance factoring brokers launch their business on purely a part-time basis with the intent of expanding to full time operation once their first commission earnings appear.  Primary training and support products at the Campus for this path are the classes and lessons found in Factoring 101 (products) and Factoring 202 (marketing).
  • COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANT (Freelance):  This area of training and support expands the business of Factoring Broker and takes it to a new level to include export-import trade finance, SBA loans, equipment leasing, and much more.  From a training standpoint, it adds Factoring 303 product training to the Factoring 101 and 202 lessons offered in the Factoring Broker curriculum.  This is training for true “commercial loan brokers” and those that choose this path with definitely do so with a full-time career intention.
  • AGENTS:  From purely a numbers standpoint, “Agents” represent the largest segment of those attending the Campus.  This segment of IACFB Members are purely part-time referrers and operate either as “Factor’s Agents” or “IACFB Sponsored Agents”.
  • CASH FLOW CONSULTANTS:  This is a new training segment for IACFB with a focus on those individuals who are currently involved in the consumer financing areas found an the cash flow industry, such as mortgage notes, structured settlements, gaming awards, inheritance advances, etc., but that now want to add factoring and commercial finance to their service product as well as affiliate marketing opportunities.  Training for this segment is provided “Off Campus” in a completely new part of the e-learning center.

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