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To get started at IACFB and launch your career in factoring, view the short video at left and then review the program contents and features below.  Choose the program that’s right for you.  When you’re ready, just click the green button at left to select your program and check out.

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Factoring 101 Guide Buyer’s Discount

If you were one of the nearly 800 purchasers of the 5-star rated Factoring 101:  Broker’s Guide to Factoring from over the last few years, you can use the “code” on page 198 of the guide to receive a $39.95 discount when purchasing and setting your IACFB Membership and Campus access.  The new 2021 updated IACFB Consultant’s Guide to Factoring is an almost identical publication with just some links updated so you can benefit from the discount and we will then not ship you the new Consultant’s Guide that comes with the program. 

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Membership / Training Programs at Campus IACFB

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Home Business Seekers


Click the purple button at the bottom of the page subscribe, and checkout.  IACFB Membership is just $99.95 Setup and a $9.95 per month subscription and which includes…

  • IACFB Membership
  • The Consultants Training Guide (PDF download)
  • Access to Freelance Program Training at Campus IACFB
  • Free WP Landing Page with Free Hosting


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Become an Agent

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Part Time Brokers

AGENT:  With your training completed, join IACFB as a Sponsored Agent and set up a FREE Agent Landing Page for lead capture.  The Agents Program is an entry level program with complete flexibility for those seeking the ultimate in a professional home businesses but operating on a part-time basis.  Other than membership, this is a NO COST start up program with only a free landing page, free hosting, and business cards required.

Become a Freelancer

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Career Professionals

FREELANCE:  A highly prestigious professional career path for those seeking a full time career now or in the immediate future.  With your training completed at the Campus, set up a DataMax professional Factoring Broker WordPress website and begin working directly with small and mid-size business owners to secure the capital they require through factoring , asset-based lending, merchant cash and other financing products to grow their businesses.  Work with the factors of your choice as a completely independent consultant

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Membership / Training

Membership $99.95
Training Guide (print version)PDF print version included.
Domainincluded with annual subscription
Campus Access100%
Magazine AccessYes
WebsiteLanding Page Included
Website HostingIncluded with Membership
Business EmailYes (3 boxes)
Lenders Directory AccessNo
Forums AccessYes
Can Submit Deals through IACFBYes
Commission Rate10 percent of fees earned
Exam / CertificationN/A
Affiliate PaymentsNo
For Part-Time Brokers

Sponsored Agent

CostIncluded with Membership
DomainIncluded with annual subscription
Training GuideIncluded (PDF Download)
Campus AccessNo. Agent Training Only
Magazine AccessYes
WebsiteLanding Page Included
Website HostingIncluded with Membership
Business Email & DomainIncluded (3 boxes)
Lenders Directory AccessPartial
Forums AccessYes
Can Submit Deals through IACFBYes
Commission Rate10% of Fees Earned
Exam Yes Proficiency
Affiliate PaymentsYes
A Professional Career

Freelance Program

Training GuideIncluded (print with free shipping Continental U.S.
Campus AccessFull Access
Magazine AccessYes
WebsiteWebsite Included
Website HostingIncluded with Membership
Business Emailincluded (5 boxes)
Lenders Directory AccessYes
Forums AccessYes
Can Submit Deals through IACFBYes
Commission RateAs Negotiated with Factor
Exam / Certification AvailableCertification
Affiliate PaymentsYes