Affordable Programs for Part Time Agents & Full Time Consultants

When it comes to factoring brokers, we know from experience that one size does not fit all.  And though most successful full time industry consultants were career oriented from day one, many initially entered the industry on a part time basis due to existing job constraints and the need to earn a living while they launched their new career, working in their spare time when their schedules permitted.

At IACFB, we have developed two distinct factoring broker training programs for those interested in a career in the independent business development side of the exciting alternative commercial finance industry.  These are the…



Accountant Studying Factoring

SBF Agent

For Part-Time Consultants

The SBF Agent Program at Campus IACFB includes our special SBF Basic Training Courses and Co-Brokering Support Program. 

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Factoring Broker Glogging

Perfect For...

Supplemental Income

The SBF Agents Program is perfect for accounting professionals, bookkeepers, tax preparers, cash flow consultants, insurance professionals, and bloggers seeking to supplement the income from their current profession.

Factoring Broker Referral Agent

Freelance Consultant

For Full Time Consultants

The Freelance Consultant Program is Campus IACFB’s signature program for career oriented entrepreneurs and utilizes IACFB’s expansive Advanced Training Courses.

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Professional Factoring Broker

Perfect For...

The Freelance Consultant Program is the perfect program for those enterprising individuals and mobile creatives that have discovered the lucrative income opportunities offered for independent consultants in the factoring industry. 

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Free and complimentary for all visitors and provides access to the Learning Lab, IACFB Blog, and IACFB Magazine.  Simply click the button to register and validate by email.

SBF Training Free Access

All existing clients of DataMax are granted FREE access to SBF basic factoring broker training.  To request access, simply click the button below and complete the form.

Freelance Program

The most comprehensive factoring broker training program available at any price.  Learn from the best with our extensive online training classes and lessons.