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Is Factoring 101 Completely FREE?

Yes, Factoring 101 training is completely free and complimentary.  It is great way to get involved in the industry with little or no expense. 

How Much Can a Broker Earn?

That is almost impossible to answer since it is based on the amount of time they put into the business.  Some brokers who have referred only an account or two may earn $200 to $500 per month.  Those that work the business with some degree of dedication, can build a solid commission business that generates a six-figure income.  Learning about the factoring product is realistically, the easy part of the3 business.  Building the marketing skills required to become a successful consultant is the more difficult part of the business.

An example of the earnings potential from a solid referral in factoring can be found in the “Story of Martha”

Do You have a Certification Program?

Yes, we have a CFC (Commercial Finance Consultant) certification program as part of Factoring 303.

Factoring 101 (FREE Factoring Broker Training)

Factoring 101 is a FREE and complimentary e-learning training course for self-starters and mobile creatives interested in learning more about the commercial factoring industry and how they can participate in it as an independent broker.  Unlike traditional banks and many other lenders, commercial factors exhibit a near-legendary method of compensating individuals for referrals which includes residual commissions and life-of-account payments.  Factoring 101 offers comprehensive free training for those individuals wanting to participate in this industry.  Factoring 101 training at Campus IACFB is perfect for accounting professionals, lending officers, legal professionals, mortgage brokers, note brokers, and others.  It is also the first step and the place to start your training to be a Professional Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant.   

If you are an individual seeking a “highly professional” opportunity for a home business, learning to be a professional consultant in the factoring industry might be just right for you and exploring this opportunity Successful Factoring Brokercould not be more simple than to “learn the ropes” with IACFB’s complimentary but comprehensive training found in Campus IACFB’s Factoring 101

Factoring 202 & 303 Professional Freelance Consultant Add-On Programs ($0-$149.95)

In addition to IACFB’s free Factoring 101 introductory broker training, the professional Freelance Consultant Program includes both the Factoring 202 and Factoring 303 training modules as and provides marketing training, marketing support products, and expanded financial product training.  This program represents the ultimate step in becoming a true career business development professional in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry. The program can be entered in two ways…

  • Earning FREE access through deal submission as a Co-Broker Agent of IACFB  (see details)
  • Purchasing Factoring 202 and 303 as “add-ons” to your Factoring 101 Broker Website Hosting Plan.  Each program is $149.95 (check current promotions)

In addition to expanded training in additional commissionable small business financing products which dramatically expands the earnings potential for consultants, this program provides a plethora of marketing support tools such as flyers, brochures, mail stuffers, telephone scripts, and more.  Additionally, the Professional Freelance Consultant Program provides access to IACFB’s American Directory of Factors and Lenders with over 500 sources of deal funding based on category and to assist in finding the right lender for every deal…every time. 

Directory of American Factors and Lenders

The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is a database of industry service providers maintained by IACFB and included with Factoring 303.  This expansive directory provides brokers with direct links the websites of industry lenders and contains information regarding the specialty niche areas of finance supported by each lender.  The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is THE place to go when you need to find the “Right Lender” for every deal.

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Factoring Broker Training Programs at Campus IACFB

Two Comprehensive Training Programs

There are two distinct factoring broker training programs provided and supported by IACFB.

  1. IACFB Co-Broker Program:  This program is strictly for part-time brokers and consultants and those that want minimal involvement in actually developing the deal.  As the name suggests, those involved in the Co-Broker Program simply refer a pre-qualified lead to IACFB Account Executives for pre-underwriting and deal closing.  Under this program, IACFB places the deal and commissions are shared between the referrer and IACFB on a 50/50 basis.  Training for this program is FREE and provided through Factoring 101 at the training campus.
  2. IACFB Freelance Consultant Program: This is a program for professional, career oriented individuals that can currently devote their business development efforts full time or plan to do so in the immediate future.  Training for this program includes the complimentary Factoring 101 training course but additionally includes Factoring 202’s Productivity and Marketing training course as well as Factoring 303’s Advanced Financial Product training course.  Members of this training package have access to the IACFB American Directory of Factors and Lenders as well. 
Accountant Studying Factoring

IACFB Co-Broker Program

For Part-Time Consultants

The IACFB Agent Program at Campus IACFB is the perfect program for those “referrers” that want minimal involvement in the client development process and would simply rather “Turn Over” a name to IACFB staff for pre-screening and the actual placement of the deal.

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Factoring Broker Glogging

Perfect For...

Supplemental Income

The IACFB Co-Broker Program is perfect for accounting professionals, bookkeepers, tax preparers, cash flow consultants, insurance professionals, and bloggers seeking to supplement the income from their current profession but with minimal active participation.

Factoring Broker Referral Agent

Freelance Consultant

For Full Time Consultants

The Freelance Consultant Program is Campus IACFB’s signature program for professional career-oriented entrepreneurs and in addition to Factoring 101, utilizes IACFB’s expansive Advanced Training Courses of Factoring202 and Factoring 303 as well.

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Professional Factoring Broker

Perfect For...

The Freelance Consultant Program is the perfect program for those enterprising individuals and mobile creatives that have discovered the lucrative income opportunities offered for independent consultants in the factoring industry and want to pursue a full time career as an independent consultant.