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Signing Up Agents

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Signing Up Agents

We have made signing up new sponsored agents very easy from the factor’s end and the only task that is required is that a new agent complete the PipedDrive form on your training portal website.  Agents no longer are required to sign up at DataMax with the factor’s Promo Code.  The Promo Code is, however, still used to provide agents a discount if they opt to set up a landing page / website.  IACFB provides the promo code through email

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Questions & Answers

Is there a limit on agents I can send for training?

Nope.  No limit.  Those you send have a full 30 days to enjoy the Factoring 101 area of the Campus.

If an Agent requests a landing page, do they get continued access to the Campus?

Yes, those agents that opt for a landing page or website then become Campus Users and have access to the Campus beyond the 30 day cutoff for “Registered Guests”.

Start Building the Network

How to Sign Up Agents

Signing up agents for the Factor’s Agents Program is very easy and straight forward.  To do so, you simply…

  • Use an existing email list of brokers / referrers you have compiled over the years
  • Announce your new referrer training program on LinkedIn and other social media
  • Add a link from the existing “partners” or “brokers” page on your primary business website to your new training portal page.
  • Post an “Agents Wanted” ad on the new IACFB LinkedIn Group we’ve developed just to support this new program

PipeDrive Website Form 

On your training portal website / page, IACFB provided you with a PipeDrive CRM form code which you linked to a “Sign Up Now” button.  You simply instruct prospective new agents to click that button and sign up.  When that form is submitted, a request for Campus IACFB access is received by and also by you.  We monitor “deals” in that pipeline routinely and when a request is received from one of your new agents…

  • We set up a USERNAME and PASSWORD for your new agent
  • Send an email to the new agent with his/her new login credentials
  • Send instructions on how the access the Campus and begin training 

Agent 30 Day Access

Your new agents have access to all Factoring 101 classes, lessons, quizzes, and articles for 30 days which is more than adequate time to go through the material.  During or after their 30 day access expires, agents may opt…

  • for a free lead-generating landing page (website hosting and domain required)
  • for an upgrade to Factoring 202 marketing training and support along with a full factoring broker website.  ($99.95 plus domain and hosting)

NOTE:  It’s important to remember that the Factor’s Agents Program is a program primarily targeted to building very large networks of “referrers” or for a better term, “bird dogs” and not full-fledged factoring brokers / consultants.  The job and primary function of this free agents network you are developing is to feed leads to your BDOs who will close the deals.  Though the complimentary landing page with it’s free offer / give-a-way is an important part of the lead generation process, the larger Factoring 202 marketing program really is not, although many will eventually opt for it.

How Agents Set Up Their Landing Page

The landing page is a relatively important part of the agents program as it is the agents primary tool for lead generation.  Complete instructions for landing page set up are in the Factoring 101 Training Area.