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Submission Guidelines

Submitting Articles to IACFB Magazine

Article Submissions

For factors and lenders, submitting magazine articles, blog posts, and posts on the new forums is a great way to get the word out about your company and is very easy to do.  Bear in mind, the IACFB magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants is public.  All articles you author will be part of the public domain and be seen be all visitors.

General Submission Guidelines

Keep in mind, IACFB is a training and support organization primarily for consultants, brokers, and various referrers to the factoring and asset-based finance community.  Therefore, other than our “In the Spotlight” articles, all articles should focus on broker productivity or product training.  

To submit an article for consideration, simply click the GREEN BUTTON at left and complete the form.  You can copy and past an article into the article text field or author it in the field.  


If you have images to go with your article, you can attach them to an email and submit to    “Featured Image” size for articles (the image at the top) should be… 

  • Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine:   678px wide – 381px high
  • IACFB Blog:  1200px wide – 600px high
  • Images inserted within the body of the text will be sized appropriately

If you are submitting an article without images it will be fine as our library has over 15,000 business-related imaged for virtually any category.

Submit an Article

Submission Q & A

After I subit an article, how long until it is posted?

Typically, we will review your article and have it posted within 48 hours.

Can I add links to my company's website and promotional downloads?

Absolutely.  If you have brochures, flyers, or anything of a promotional nature that’s in PDF format, we can set up the link and this is especially true for your “In the Spotlight” articles.

Will my company be listed in your Lenders Directory?

The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is a directory we provide for our Freelance Consultants.  It is very likely your company is already included but even it not, it was added when you registered here at IACFB.  The only thing that changes is that when you author an “In the Spotlight” article and showcase your company, we link your listing to that article so brokers and consultants can find out more when looking for a source of funding for a prospective client.

What to Submit

Submission Categories

Categories of blog posts and articles for IACFB and Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine are identical.

  • STARTUP:  Articles in this category with have subject matter with a focus on what a new industry consultant will need to do during the first 60 days of operation.  Typical topics will deal with home office set up, computer hardware and software, goal setting, early networking opportunities, common mistakes made by new brokers, etc.
  • OPPORTUNITY:  Articles in this category will focus on the opportunities offered by our industry and what types of individuals can best take advantage of all the flexibility found in a consulting career
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Few that enter the industry come prepared for success from day one.  Articles in this category should focus on personal development and developing the “soft skills” required to succeed.  
  • PRODUCTS & NICHES:  Articles in this category should focus on financing products, specialty niches, and lenders deal with the adversities found in certain industries.  Articles that expose new and relatively untapped niches (such as a factor financing Amazon sellers) are excellent.  Articles here should expose new marketing targets for brokers and referrers or provide some in-depth “how to” training on established targets.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  This is a very broad “catch all” category in which articles will focus on any and all subjects that can help brokers and consultants become more productive.
  • PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS:  Articles in this category should focus on hardware, software, and all other products that can help consultants stay organized and be generally more productive.  Examples would be helpful articles on CRM’s, E-mail Marketing Programs, Websites, Landing Pages, etc.
  • NETWORKING:  Any and all articles with tips and “how-to’s” on both face-to-face networking as well as social media, how to build relationships, etc., where to get the best “bang-for-the-buck” when joining organizations.
  • DIRECT MARKETING:  Articles on how to launch successful direct marketing campaigns for lead-generation.  The importance of offers, list building, etc.
  • PROSPECTING:  Any articles that involve the telephone.  How to make cold calls and follow up on leads.  How to set appointments with both prospective clients and sources of referral.
  • IN THE SPOTLIGHT:  Articles in this category are specifically for factors and lenders to “Showcase” their companies.  Here you will discuss your companies client / industry preferences, types of financing you provide, industries you “will NOT consider”.  Tell your story and why consultants, brokers, and referrers want to work with you.  Who is the contact point with a new deal?   If you have unusual commission programs or support products, this is the place to feature them.