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The Pandemic: A Perfect Time to Launch Your Factoring Broker Business

Opportunities for Factoring Brokers During Covid

With the Corona-19 pandemic forcing more and more Americans into lock down situations, those now forced to stay at home for anything other life’s necessities are struggling to find productive things to do. With schools closed or closing, parents are certainly now able to spend more time with their children and family, but finding something to do that can be truly productive while at home can be challenging, to say the least. But one thing that many are discovering is that the mobility limitations now required by Covid-19 offers the perfect opportunity to invest some time in and start that online home-based business you have been considering for the past many months or even years. And…one of the most lucrative home-based businesses that can be easily started in these trying times is that of freelance factoring broker.

Factoring: A Recession Resistant Opportunity

Small businesses are clearly going to suffer during the Covid-19 battle and some will likely close all together due to the crippling effects of quarantine. And others, that operate on a B2B basis, will find their customers that do survive will be making their invoice payments in 45-60 days rather than the usual 30 or less. As in all troubled economic times, it will be very difficult for small businesses to get a bank loan and many “in the know” will turn to alternative sources of funding to carry them through the coming recession and factoring will, as always, be a premier source of such funding.

Factoring has long been known to be a “recession resistant” industry since it often is able to fill the financial void left by banks when small business loans become difficult (or impossible) to obtain. Simply put, factors flourish in trying economic times and the coming recession (or worse) will be no different. And, what’s good for factoring in general, is also good for independent freelance factoring brokers. That’s why during the last severe economic downturn in 2008, factoring was named as a “Top 10 Hot Profession” by Yahoo Hot Jobs.

Immediate Opportunity for Freelancers

For individuals who have been exploring a quality home business opportunity to start in order to supplement or replace the income from their current profession, now is the perfect time to look at factoring. Factoring brokers are simply knowledgeable middlemen (or women) that work with small business owners in need of cash and that cannot get that cash from their banks. Most such owners know little about the powerful financing solutions offered by America’s factors and it’s the job of the factoring broker to work with such owners and ultimately direct them to a suitable factor for the much needed financing. For their referrals, brokers earn a “residual” commission based upon the fees earned by the factor and these monthly commissions can often be earned for many years. And since virtually all factoring brokers work from a home office, there simply could not be a better time to access some industry training and set up a part-time home-based consulting business in factoring.

In spite of it’s power as a cash flow problem solver for B2B small business owners, factoring is a relatively simple form of commercial finance and can be easily learned with just a little training. In fact, those interested in learning more about factoring and the industry opportunities that are available to in-the-know home business seekers, can learn the basics of factoring and how to become a freelance industry factoring consultant earning residual monthly commissions for FREE with the introductory information found in IACFB’s Learning Lab as well as IACFB’s online broker magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants.

Earn Commissions Now: Co-Brokering Through IACFB Wholesale

Though IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) offers complete training for those interested in entering the industry on a full time or part time professional basis through it’s highly-rated Factoring 101 Training Program, anyone can earn a share of the industry’s near legendary residual income simply by “co-brokering” with IACFB. During the coming recession caused by Covid-19, everyone will likely have friends, family, and acquaintances that will require creative financing for their small to mid-size B2B businesses. Devoting the time to learn the very basics of the powerful cash flow financing solutions available through factoring means you can refer such business owners to IACFB’s account executives, let them close the deal, and then share in the commissions earned. And with basic factoring training available through IACFB’s Learning Lab and online magazine, there simply couldn’t be a better time to learn more about factoring and the extraordinary opportunities presented to mobile creatives and home business seekers than right now during the Covid-19 crisis.

Get Started: Find Out More

Ready to get started in factoring and find out more? You can, by simply accessing the FREE Learning Lab and online magazine at IACFB. To do so and gain Lab access, you will first need to register with IACFB as a “Guest” at the online training campus. Click here to register now and we will send your campus credentials via email within 24 hours.


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